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wow.. friday pala ngayon.. . shitness naman.. dapat pala umalis nalang ako.. i was supposed to go to cheche's house eh. with patty, jil, roxanne and whoevers.. i shuoldve came. tsk. i didnt know na i was going to sleep all afternoon. shit. okkk.. so today, at school.. we had our club activity day.. [badminton club =P]. we were supposed to were shorts.. and i think that my shorts were too short.. tsk. if you call my shorts short, patty's shorts are shortershort.. hahaha. someone's shorts are fake. tsk. pero, i dont really mean na you should buy it sa nike, adidas or whatever. pero, hello?! why buy at "polo"?! you know the new style of polo? yung blouse nila? the big polo trademark or something was on her shorts.. hahaha.. patty, me and jil laughed like shit.. and it's pink pa.. tss. patty, the brand conscious slash fashionista said that there are no polo shorts. hahhaa. about our kaaway or my kaaway.. we were trying to hit her with a shuttlecock.. and veanney, the expert, hit her. hahha.. she looked so shity.. our/my kaaway, not veanney.. soo.. i just friggin' woke up and i'll go eat dinner.


7:24 PM

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