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Hahaha! today's the celebration of out nutrition month. we had beauty pageant and each class has this representative. our representative is cielo! go cielo! though we didn't win. so, in this thingy.. they have a talent portion wherein your suppose to dance/act/sing/orwhatevr with you back-up dancers. gee. i'm a back-up dancer. no wonder we didn't win. joke. the back-up dancers are.. for the gulays, pauline, jil, roxette, tal and gabrielle. for the junks, me, patty, jia, che and roxanne. hmm. we danced with the beats of bahay kubo (gulays), beep (junks), work it and start of something new. our performance is okay lang naman. i forgot some steps. hahaha. my voice (because i screamed like shit), make-up, costume and whatevers wa just a waste. tsk. JOKE. it isnt. we had lots of fun.. ..i think. ok. so aun nga. we didn't win. but it's okay.. congrats to the winners. it was sooo fun! too bad that we won't be practicing during some subjects anymore. bummer. hai.

i would like to thank:
patty gamboa for the amazing hair and costume. (i love you bakla!)
ate gia for make-up.
jil mangoba for my freekin' eyelinershit and for curling my hair.
ms. jace for the support.
..and all my other classmates.
sony cybershot for always being there in times of vanity. [whe.]
basta. thank you for making this all possible.


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Who needs love?