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So, today was okay lang naman. I think I was a little stressed out because of the f-ing projects. Filipino projects. They suck like hell! Ugh! I hate my teacher din. [Shhh!] She gives us very hard projects kaya. We have 5 projects on the very subject. Mahn, it sucks. I did it all in 3 hours. Wow! Yey me! [clap, clap] Who wouldn’t be stressed out?! I mean, we have to do this talumpati shit, a poem, a calendar, notebook and the f-ing portfolio. Grabe, it sucks. Okay, so what else. Jil was supposed to be in school na.. pero, sayang. I think her flight was delayed or something. So she didn’t go to school today. But for sure she’ll be there na tomorrow. Right Jil? Hihi.. sayang, she can’t be a back-up dancer anymore. Uhh. =(. Kasi naman eh, she had to go to Singapore pa. Tsk. So.. We had our practice during some periods and guess what, we don’t suck anymore. Hahahaha. we still suck like a tiny tiny tiny lil’ bit. But it’s okay. We’ll work things out. Hahaha. Uhrm. News flash. Isabel Tan is such a B-I-T-C-H! Shit, I hate her. Oh well, bitches will be bitches.


6:20 PM

Who needs love?