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i guess everyone knows that she's a b e e y a t c h . freshies' and sophies' teacher in [whatevr]. so that it wouldnt be too obvious. haha. so anywyas. i hate her like shit. know why? here are the reasons:

1. she's a b i t c h .
2. she makes us do her f-ing projects.
3. 1st project: a calendar. we should put there our main topic during our [whatever] time.
4. 2nd project: a talumpati. hmph. we had to explain wika and shit.
5. 3rd project: a poem. my dad made my poem because if i was the one who did it, it would only contain like 1 paragraph and she wants us to do 5.
6. 4th project: our portfolio. it isn't really hard. but hello, you had to do it with all the other projects!
7. 5th project: our notebook. now, it's okay if she wants us to pass our notebook. but at least give us some time to fix it pa!
8. 6th project: (she gave this last monday) a journal. we have to put thre our daily sched. what we learned from her time. and the things we did that made other people smile or mad.
9. she gets mad easily.
10. more.

err. basta. i hate her. and i know that some other people do too. =P


10:36 AM

Who needs love?