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erghs. i hate this day. last night, i slept like 2am already because i was waiting for my kuya to come home.. kasi nga, my fone is with my kuya and i had to text someone.. pero i stayed up for nothing pala. =(. he didnt come home eh. i guess he got drunk because of the shooters at the party. haha! well anyways, i slept at 2 because i forgot that we were supposed to hear mass today at 8am. so aun. my dad woke us up by 645am.. it took me a lot of time getting ready though. haha. after getting ready and stuff, i went down stairs na to eat bread or something. then i saw all these tahongs and chickens and stuff. i asked ate inday about it and she said that there will be semenarians eating at our house after the mass. so aun. after the mass, we went home na. i saw all these men at our living room, together with the priest. haha. i was like, "oh shit.". i went upstairs agad and waited for them to leave the house. before they left, they sang 1 song together with our organ. then they left na. so here i am. i just ate my brekafast and my stuffed. haha. i ate..
1. baked buttered tahong by my dad. (pero the maids did what i ate kanina)
2. fried chicken.
3. jasmine rice.
4. juice.
5. oranges.
6. bananas.
7. water.

hmph. i ate a lot. no wonder i'm blowing up. haha. kidding. so.
i still have to study for my tests tomorw. (steno . health . computer) hmph.. hirap. anywys, i'll post another one latah.


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