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hmm. today was a-ok. hahaha. i woke up pretty early today. :P as in, 8:00am. i woke up. stared at the ceiling for a while. got up. took a bath. dressed up. got my fone from my kuya. made a goodmorning gm. ate cake for breakfast. text. text. study. pretend that i was studying. text. text. lunch. text. computer. text. text. text. watch (while texting). got mad at my kuya for secretly getting my fone and went our. rang cielo's house. nakittext. talked to bea for like 5 seconds (i didnt even understand a word she said. haha.). ate dinner. and her i am.
bla. bla. my weekend shit. haha.
so. i f-ing miss my fone already! err!
you know, i lied for my kuya! kasi, he's girlfriend called our house. eh kuya is in a debut. (his bestfriend's girlfriend's 18th). so aun. my kuya didnt tell her pala na he'll be attending joward's girlfriend's debut. so he told her that he'll be going on a patay. i alsmost messd it up. haha. kasi namn, he didnt tell me to cover fir him! haha. here's my conversation with katrina:
katrina: hello, goodevening po. pwede po kay vincent?
me: hello? wla sha eh. sino to?
katrina: ah. felice? asan kuya mo?
me: wla. umalis.
katrina: nasa patay daw sha?
me: uhm. ah.. oo..
katrina: di ka kasma?
me: ah. oo. di ako sumama eh.
katrina: pero dala nya fone mo?
me: oo. tex mo nalng.
katrina: sige. thanks. bye.
me: bye.

so that's it. haha. i just wish that katrina won't be reading this. hahahaha.
hm. that's today's thing.


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Who needs love?