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soo. wala na akong mapost na iba. so i just posted ths survey i answrd from friendster.
1. Start Time - 7:202. Name - felice. =P4. Astrology sign - piscese.5. Gender - female. [gayle.. unkown ba?! haha.sapak!!]6. Hair color - black. mejo brown ata sa light.8. Eye color - brown daw sabi nila patnog. haha.10. Favorite color(s) - pink &green.11. Glasses - wala.12. Tattoos - nye, wala. haha.14. Hometown - makati.15. Single or taken - single! =)) =P16. Sibling's name - vince pte ches.H A V E Y O U E V E R17. Cut your own hair?// oo. haha. bangs. =P18. Did you do something in the past month thatyou regret?// hell, OO!20. Skipped school?// classes lang naman. hindi naman school. =))22. Bungee-jumped?// di pa. =(24. Punched someone?// oo naman. haha.25. Cheated on a test?// hindi noh. hmwrks lang. =))26. Been arrested?// hell. di pa. =))27. Broken into someone's house?// di pa din.30. Rejected someone?// im not sure. =))31. Been to a funeral?// onaman.32. Used a lighter?// haha. malamang?33. Been on stage?// haha. iyesh.F A V O R I T E34. Season - summer!35. Food - ice cream &sweets!36. Ice cream flavor - classis mango pte cookis ncream. yaaaaaaam!38. Candy - mentos. =))39. Breakfast cereal - honey starssss!!40. Person - ehm?41. Book - ewan.42. Movie(s)- mean girls.43. Song - tru love, like you.. more!46. Place - bahay. bahay ng friends. mall. =))47. Sport to watch on TV - basketball!!50. Letter - G-U-M!51. Disney movie - mulan 1! woohoo! =))52. Disney princess - belle. =P54. Name for a son - next time na yan!55. Name for a daughter - next time na yan!P R E F E R E N C E56. Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate.. =P57. Alcoholic or non? non naman.58. Long relationships or one-night stands?wud i say one night stands? =))59. Dogs or cats? dogs naman!60. Scary movies or comedies? both e.61. Short or long hair? long..62. Croutons or bacon bits? bacon bits!!W H A T C O M E S T O M I N D64. Mexicans - yung parang hat. =))65. School - si.. =)) pte friends.67. Cows - cowgirls!68 Michael v - yari ka!69. Canada - ate natalie. =))70. Mouse - trap! =))71. Hand - si....... =))P A S T 3 D A Y S; H A V E Y O U.72. Talked on the phone? onaman. :))73. Watched a movie? uhm.. yata?74. Cried? ay, oo. =))75. Smoked? noo.76. Drank a glass of water? haha. onaman.77. Done drugs? hahahaha. no..78. Read a book or magazine? yata?79. Watched TV? iyeash!80. Looked in the mirror? always. =))81. Taken a shower? hala. =)) onaman.82. Taken a picture? yea . knina nga lan e83. Listened to music? iyeash84. Told someone you love them? nope.A R E Y O U1. A Cuddler? ewan?2. A morning person? no.3. Are you a perfectionist? di naman cgru.4. An only child?: no.5. Religious?:konte. =))6. In your pajamas?: no.7. Left handed?: no. =(L A S T1. Friend you saw: cielo &tal.2. Talked to on the phone : ewan?3. Text: =(4. Message over myspace: wla e.5. Hugged: kanina. si rox.6. Laugh: kanina. =)7. Missed Call: uhm? =(8. Outgoing Call: waah. =((9. Myspace Visited: ewan.10. Wore: shorts. =))11. Was today better than yesterday : no!!12. Got any plans: yup. =)F A V O R I T E1. Number: 19.2. Color: pink &green.C U R R E N T L Y1. Missing: : hai. si xix. =))2. Needing: ano. si.. =))3. Wanting: si.... =))Q's AND A'sQ: What was the 1st thing you did this morning?A: pray.Q: Last \thing you ate:A: rice!Q: Do you have anything bothering you?A: oo. =(( =))Q: What's the last movie you saw?:A: sa mvie house? txt!Q: Where is the last place you went?A: dining.Q: Do you smile often?:A: always. =))Q: Do you wish upon stars?A: idunno.Q: Are you a friendly person?:A: cguro naman.Q: Where did you sleep last night?:A: sa kwarto?Q: What color shirt are you wearing?:A: yellow!Q: Do you have more guy or girl friends?A: girls. =P

haba noh. =)) wala lang. i enjyd answering that! =)) so. that's all. =)
haha. labo noh. try nyo nalang igets kung gusto nyo. =)) kung hindi, go to my multi! http://ushyness.multiply.com/journal/item/19 yan yung link. ok? hahaha.

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