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buliding castles in the air?

i woke up kaninang 11:30 pa yta. pero i spent the last 60 minutes daydreaming...what i do best. haha :)) okay. enough about that. haha :))
haha :)) i'm really enjoying using the effects. haha :)) the bold, italics && the underline. haha :)) what a low life freak :
okay. shiihead naman oh. ang ingay ingay ng wowowee. : no offense to the wowowee fans. hahaha :)) :)) shut up bixc :))
ooooookay. i am so fricking bored. hindi naman obvious dba? :P
let's talk about yesterday's (march 28, 2007) - let's make this rally corny.
title: biglaan gmk :P
setting: my house, shang, glo ang mrt :P. march 28, 07. 11am-8pm.
characters: me, patty gamboa, nikka junia and bnx abeng.
plot: by sequence of events :P
-- punta si nikka sa bahay ko. then we stayed sa clinic :)
-- pumunta na si patty sa bahay ko. then we went to shang by cab.
-- nagikot-ikot lang sa shang then we went to people to check some things.
-- i think we were really bixcy with the sales lady there and the things 'cause we were laughing ng sobra.
-- after i patawag yung shoes sa mega, umalis na kami. pano, ang tagal noh :))
-- we went to tokyo to eat.
-- laughtrip and stories, thebombbb :))
-- dun namin mineet si bnx.
-- laughtrip ulit and so much stories.
-- bnx and i ate the calif maki with the kikoman thing with so much wasabi :) fun.
-- cr for the disabled.
-- trips. eyeliner and mascaras. nikka made wee wee :))
-- the pics for "emo". "emo".
-- after shang, we went to glo by cab.
-- ang tagal ng basic cabs :
-- pagdating sa glo..
-- we went kagad sa black strawberry/strawberries. the place was so rock-ish and emo. red and black dude. we went there to get a henna sna eh. pero walang henna.
-- so we went to g4 to watch a movie pero we didn't nlng kasi bsta :))
-- food choices nlng and we made tambay there.
-- foodtrip.
-- we thought of eating weird looking foods that we could buy there sa food choices.
-- patty and nikka bought the tacos ata with papaya and beef and stuffs.
-- it was good naman.
-- ako na at si bnx. we bought the day-old chick. fried and everything.
-- the legs were good naman pero the rest sucked hard.
-- sm for cali.
-- we tried the pineapple cali. bnx's addiction :))
-- it was good. and addicting :))
-- went back to glo 4, sa people to buy the shoes nikka wanted.
-- oliver's 'cause patty's gon buy something.
-- g4 to wait for a taxi to go home na.
-- walang taxi. :
-- sm to ride the mrt!!
-- masaya sa mrt. super siksikan :P
-- we stopped sa shaw kasi idodrop namin si bnx. then sa guadaluoe kasi dun kami bababa ni nikka.
-- enjoyed mrt. it was my second time :P and my first with my friends.
-- from guadalupe, tryc papauntang bahay.
-- felice loved the day :)
-- never ever ever ever eat day-old chicks again.
-- wash your hands after riding the mrt.
haha :)) okay. done. that was really corny : sorry :))
i'll post again later. i think. ewan. bahala na. :D

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